OSD-IMT Projects 167 m Submersible Heavy Lift Ship

167 m Submersible Heavy Lift Ship Marine Consultancy

OSD-IMT LTD were contracted by Ulstein Sea of Solutions BV to assist them develop their concept design for a submersible heavy lift ship design for Rolldock into a set of classification approved detailed design drawings against a scope of work project managed by USoS.


Type of Vessel
Submersible Heavy Lift Vessel
Length Overall
166.8 m
Length BP
151.4 m
36.0 m
Depth Mld
29.8 m
Operating Draft Range
7.0 m to 20.0 m
20,000 t
Main Propulsion
2 x 7000 kW FPP propellers
2 x high lift
DP Thrusters
4 x 2000 kW Azimuth Thrusters
Manoeuvring Thruster
1 x 1350 kW Tunnel Thruster
36 persons
4 x 3800 kW
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167 m Submersible Heavy Lift Ship 1


Detailed design development of concept design
Classification approved steelwork drawings
Classification approved arrangement drawings classification
Approved machinery drawings
Classification approved systems drawings

Classification scantlings report
Machinery & systems calculations report
Classification/Flag state outfit drawings
Local FEA and 3D beam analysis

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