OSD-IMT News OSD-IMT performs design scope for water injection dredger conversion
the marine group workboat CMS Seaka (2)

OSD-IMT performs design scope for water injection dredger conversion

cms seaka

9 November 2020

The Marine Group’s Harbour Management Division has expanded its dredging capabilities with the recent completion of the conversion of its workboat CMS Seaka into a bespoke water injection dredger. The Marine Group has made a significant investment in the development of a more powerful and highly efficient machine that adopts an environmentally friendly water injection technology.

OSD-IMT were initially contracted by The Marine Group to design the structural alterations required for installing a jetting pump and engine into the existing workboat SEAKA which was built by Southampton Marine Services. This work was to be carried out to SSC rules with the goal of certifying the vessel. Once work on the project had begun, The Marine Group engaged OSD-IMT to design the jetting system pipe work, arms and jetting head. This is all detachable and can be removed for road transport if required. Throughout the project, OSD-IMT took care to ensure that the stability of the vessel was not compromised with excessive VCG growth and that the minimum allowable freeboard was not breached.

While not working on The Marine Group’s numerous marinas around Wales, Seaka will be able to provide cost effective dredging solutions to customers over the UK. Seaka can be transported to site via road in one piece, allowing the team to start work within 30 minutes of her being placed in the water. The size of Seaka will allow marinas and ports to remain fully operational while dredging is undertaken.

Reaching a maximum depth of 8.5m Seaka will be one of the most efficient water injection dredgers in the country, and ideal for marinas and smaller ports where traditional dredging is un-economic.

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