OSD-IMT News Offshore Ship Designers adopts OSD-IMT as name for entire group

Offshore Ship Designers adopts OSD-IMT as name for entire group

IJmuiden, 21 June 2018

New name leverages quality and aligns company in a single brand name

Offshore Ship Designers (OSD) announced today that it has changed its company name to OSD-IMT. The goal of the name change is to leverage the strength of both OSD and IMT. IMT is the signature brand name for vessels designed by OSD’s UK branch, which was already named OSD-IMT. Using one name for all offices reflects the way the group already works; as one single organization.

“The name Offshore Ship Designers has served us well up to now, but we have further increased the types of markets we serve and the range of services we provide.” said Lodewijk van Os, Managing Director for OSD-IMT. “We design all sorts of tailored vessels, offer various marine consultancy services and provide innovative conversion engineering. Our aim is to exceed expectations in terms of quality, innovation and reliability. We believe our way of working helps us building successful relationships with our customers, partners and employees.”

Along with the name change, the company adopted a new corporate identity, including a new logo and visual identity. The visual changes will be rolled out in phases and all future business activity shall be undertaken with the new name.

Van Os: “While our company name and logo are changing, all core elements of the organization will remain the same. OSD-IMT will continue to provide its clients with the next level in ship design and related services.”

Until further notice, there will be no changes to the existing legal entities and commercial register numbers. VAT numbers and bank details will also remain the same.

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