OSD-IMT News Video: First of two OSD-IMT7001 Utility Vessels for Unithai launched
IMT7001 'Unthai Chumporn'


Leam Chabang, 12 December 2017

The first of two 80 tonnes bollard pull OSD-IMT7001 Offshore Utility Vessels, designed by Offshore Ship Designers (OSD-IMT) for Unithai Offshore Ltd, Thailand was launched at Unithai Shipyard and Engineering Ltd Shipyard on 12 December.

Both vessels will be used for a wide range of duties in and around offshore oil fields and oil terminals, berthing and un-berthing oil tankers ranging from 60,000 DWT to 280,000 DWT, carry out long line towing and push-pull operations, firefighting duties, SPM maintenance operations, floating hose and subsea hose string maintenance, anchor handling duties, inter-/intrafield supply operation and pollution control duties.

The OSD-IMT7001 Utility vessel have a length of 49.98 m, a beam of 15.0 m and a draft of 5.0 m, will accommodate a crew of 22, are classed with Bureau Veritas and registered and flagged in Thailand operating under the rules and regulations of Thailand Registry.

The vessels are equipped with twin Niigata ZP41 azimuth propulsion units, each coupled via a cardan shaft arrangement, to a Niigata 8L28HX marine diesel engine, giving the vessels an ahead bollard pull of 80 tonnes and a free running speed of around 13.0 knots.

Delivery of the vessels is scheduled for early 2018.

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