OSD-IMT Design portfolio Azistern 2460 Harbour Tug
Azistern 2460 tug Mextug Lerma

Azistern 2460 Harbour Tug Ship design

The Azistern 24/60 is the second of a family of designs which OSD launched for different fuel efficient tug sizes. The hulls have a hard chine form which has undergone extensive tank testing to optimise energy saving during transit. It also results in a very low wash, which is important in a crowded harbour.

Principal characteristics

26.10 m
10.80 m
BP ahead:
60 tonnes
11.5 knots

Other information

Depth Hull:
4.60 m
Draft Design:
5.10 m

OSD Azistern Tug Brochure


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Azistern2460 Harbour Tug designed by OSD IMT

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